12 Top Security Tips for Retailers

  1. Employees –

Employees Are your best Asset against Crime.  Spend time every week reinforcing their importance and how to deal with typical situations.  Encourage involvement in security practices and the need for them.  Build a secure environment as part of your overall Health and Safety Plan.  Proactive security engagement will even help deter theft by rogue employees. 

  1. Entry to Shop –

 Ensure Entry points are clear.

A clean uncluttered shop shows control and engagement.  It is easier to see if items go missing

Consider a face height screen that shows the shopper a picture of themselves entering the store with a greeting. 

Staff should greet people as they enter the store so all people realise they have been noticed

  1. Cash –

Have robust Cash Handling procedures

Train all staff in identifying Counterfeit Cash

Change scams nearly always involve putting cashiers under pressure and rushing.  Develop practice that assistance is sought as soon as staff feel uncomfortable or rushed. 

  1. CCTV –

Highlight that CCTV is in use.

Clearly highlight that shoplifters will be prosecuted

Regularly check your CCTV is working and make sure cameras are clean and focussed in the right direction.  Keep the Hard Drive secure.

  1. Stock –             

Don’t put high value Goods near entrances or exits.  Consider only displaying the packaging or small amounts that are in Display cases.   

Note patterns in thefts such as times and days.  These are often repeated and you can plan for more staff or focus on particular areas of the shop at those times.

  1. Exits –                 

Don’t over clutter exits and keep them visible to staff on the floor and tills.

Ensure unused tills are always blocked off whenever they are not in use.

Don’t give options for exits, ensure that people have to walk past staff and tills with good Camera Coverage if possible.

  1.  Secure –           

 With the focus on stock and customers, Personal property is often the focus of Thefts. 

  • Personal

Ensure Staff areas are managed securely.  Thieves seek out Handbags and phones stored behind counters or in open    

  • Property

Cloakrooms.  These types of thefts have huge impact on the victim as the personal loss of Data etc is becoming more relevant every day.

  1. Threats –

Never accept threats and violence from Anyone towards you or your staff.  This is a very serious offence and shouldn’t be dismissed.  Dial 999 immediately.

Violence –

  1. Identification –

All information that can identify Offenders should be recorded as soon as possible.  Car registrations and direction of travel before and after the offence is committed can be very helpful.

  1. Build Support –

Engage with your neighbouring businesses either formally with Wexford Chamber or Business Watch or even informally.  You will create a support network for yourself.

  1. Gardai –                

Contact the Gardai whenever you need them.  Dial 999 if you have an incident Occurring, Don’t Hesitate.  Report every crime no matter how small because it may be part of an             ongoing bigger picture.  By reporting a crime you may stop  someone else becoming a victim or  someone becming a repeat offender.  Gardai do care about you, your staff and your business. 

  1. There is a lot of very good advice on www.Garda.ie



IF you need advice or have on-going issues Sgt Eddie Wilde is the Crime prevention Officer for Co. Wexford.  He can be contacted on 085 8873195