Chamber lays wreath at Memorial Cross, Coolcotts

On June 14th, County Wexford Chamber laid a wreath at the Memorial Cross in the Paupers’ Graveyard, Coolcotts, Wexford.

The Wexford Memorial Trust held its annual Patron at The Paupers’ Graveyard. The event honoured the memory of the Wexford men, women, and children who were buried in the Paupers’ Graveyard between 1852 and 1939. A poignant candle-lighting service marked the evening, casting a gentle glow over the resting place of those who had been interred there.

Chamber wreath

Various organisations laid wreaths at the memorial. On behalf of County Wexford Chamber, membership and events co-ordinator Pauline Doyle placed a wreath at the Memorial Cross. This gesture underscored the community’s enduring respect and remembrance for the departed.

This year, the Patron included a special unveiling by Padge Reck of a new Memorial. This is dedicated to 27 victims who were laid to rest in the graveyard following the shipwreck of the ‘Pomona’ off the Wexford coastline on April 28th, 1859. The new memorial serves as a poignant reminder of the tragedy that befell these individuals and ensures that their memory will be preserved for future generations.

Community act of remembrance

The event saw a gathering of attendees, including members of Wexford Borough District, Wexford County Council, Wexford Oireachtas members, the Wexford Male Voice Choir, the Holy Family Confraternity Band, and members of the public. The evening was marked by a shared sense of remembrance, creating a lovely and reflective atmosphere for all in attendance.