Culcita staff rewarded for long service

Management at Culcita, the New Ross-based company that specialises in the manufacture, import and distribution of garden furniture and outdoor products, caught staff by surprise during a busy morning stocktaking last week, recognising their long service to the company.

One of the most surprised staff members was Nicola Manley Murphy who celebrates 25 years working at Culcita. To mark this very special occasion, Nicola was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and everyone enjoyed a well-earned, socially distant cup of coffee and freshly baked cakes.

Not forgetting another employee Vonnie Purcell, who celebrated 30 years of working at Culcita.

Ann Larkin of Culcita said: ‘Unfortunately this was during lockdown in July. We will have to break out the champagne for this one. Twenty-five years’ service, 30 years’ service and Culcita entering into 50 years in business gives us all very good reason to celebrate and stay positive.’

Source: Wexford People paper