Dunbrody Famine Ship back at the quay after complete refurbishment

The Dunbrody Famine Ship is home and ready to receive visitors after a five-month long overhaul which saw it completely refurbished and refitted. Having been in dry dock since February of this year the ship sailed majestically back to port on Saturday evening, welcomed by a sizeable crowd.

And similar crowds will soon be sampling the vessel with tours set to commence this coming weekend. ‘There was a huge amount of work involved, it was in dry dock for five months, it got a complete refit and refurbishment. It’s great to have her back fully painted and with all the repairs in place,’ said CEO of the JFK Trust, Seán Connick.

The total cost of the repairs was €700,000, money which came from the rural regeneration fund. And this is just the start of works in the area, all designed to interconnect and link tourism attractions in the town. ‘This was part of the rural regeneration fund which will interconnect the Norman Centre and High hill. We’re delighted to have her back and these works will future proof the vessel for years to come.’

To book a visit to the Dunbrody Famine Ship visit www.dunbrody.com.


Source: New Ross Standard