Virtual Selling to help your business thrive – 21st, 28th April & 5th May

Date:  21st & 28th April & 5th May (3 part session)

Time: 10am – 11am

Location: Zoom

Price: €20 per session or 3 sessions for €50

Paces Available: 29 available

Trainer: Sales Performance

Book: Wexford Chamber Skillnet



Much of what makes a virtual sales meeting successful is unrelated to whether it happens in person or online. Effective salespeople focus on the principles of good communication, listening, and exploring ways to help their customers. Plus, they will always have clear objectives for each meeting.


Join us on a series of events that will support your business for the year ahead.


Creating a sales process – 21st April 10-11am


A sales process is a number of steps that are consistent and repeated that you or your team need to follow to convert prospects into customers.
Consider a process as a roadmap that will help attract and retain customers. In this session Jo will introduce you to a process that you can adapt for your business.
On completion, you will have a 6 step process that covers each step of the sale, with metrics that you can understand and measure for your business.
The many benefits of a sales process is clarity, understanding and improved forecasting, plus it will help you qualify potential customers faster.


Getting Virtually Confident – 28th April 10-11am


As virtual selling becomes the new normal, customers will also become more comfortable with online meetings. It’s important to understand your customers preferred way to meet, so don’t shoehorn a customer into a virtual meeting, if a phone call will achieve the same results. We will explore what you can do pre, during and post call that will improve your confidence and your ability to achieve results remotely. Remember it’s still a conversation to explore what the customers needs are, so your skill at asking quality questions is critical at this point.

Top four factors that are still  important to buyers include:  ( Source RAIN GROUP)

71% :  A thorough discovery of the business concerns, wants and needs:
68% : Show what’s possible or how to solve a problem:
68% : Listening:
66% : Demonstrate  return on investment (ROI):
On completion you will have discovered  insights to support you and your business. Plus Jo will share some tips and techniques to increase your effectiveness with virtual selling



Sales Skills – 5th April 10-11am


In this session we focus on 6 key skills and how to master them, which will increase your confidence which in turn will improve sales results. We will also examine some tactical skills that you will need.


Learn how to overcome objections confidently with 2 different approaches.

Questioning skills designed to build rapport and gain insights.

6 Closing skills to gain commitment.

Jo Collins of Sales Performance will be your facilitator for these sessions.


Jo will help you Identify how you can develop a process that ensures you get the customers you deserve. She will walk you through some of the key considerations that are vital for sales in today’s new world. Jo has a very practical approach to retaining customers and new business development.


In advance of the training session if you have any specific question that you would like addressed please forward to :jo@salesperformance.ie reference Wexford  Chamber.

On completion of the course, you will receive notes to support your learning.

For the best learning experience:

Grab your coffee, leave your camera on and join us for a virtual learning experience, where you will enjoy 3 hours  of great content that will:


  • Be engaging & interactive.

  • Focused on improving your selling confidence & skills.

  • Meet with other sales professionals and business owners.

  • Practical tips that can be implemented immediately


Jo will be available during and after the session to answer any questions you have.