Managing the COVID-19 Vaccination in Your Business – 21 April

Date: 21st April

Time: 2pm

Location: Zoom

Register: Here 


While the COVID-19 vaccine offers us all the chance to return to some normality, recent polling suggests there’s widespread vaccine hesitancy. Add in the fact that there’s currently no legal basis to insist that people take the vaccine, and managing vaccinations in the workplace becomes a whole lot trickier.

Still, it’s best to prepare for the vaccination before your employees become eligible so your business can move forward as safely and strongly as possible. That means getting the answers on how to resolve hesitancy issues, what to do about employees returning to work without having the jab, and how to ensure a safe working environment for your employees.


To give you the answers to your most pressing workplace vaccination questions, we’re hosting a free webinar on April 21st at 2 pm. Join us for expert advice on:


• How to approach the issue of vaccinations with your workforce and communicate effectively with staff.

• Whether you can encourage employees to have the vaccine or make it mandatory.

• What to do if employees are uncomfortable with or don’t want to take the vaccine.

• How to write a vaccine policy for your business. Prepare now for any workplace vaccination issue by attending our webinar.