The Power of Peer Management – 19 May 2021

Dates: 19th May 2021

Time: 09:30 – 11:00

Location: Online

Member Price: Free

Non Member Price: Free

Places Available: 20 places

Trainer: Monere

Book: Wexford Chamber Skillnet


The Power of Peer Management


Topics include:

  1. The meaning and nature of peer management
  2. How to establish and build trust in an authentic and meaningful way.
  3. How to influence with a careful balance of intelligence and emotion.
  4. How to realign a team with fresh energy and focus on collaboration and communication as opposed to command and control.


In this Brave New World of working from home or in the office, or a hybrid of both, the established hierarchy of management has toppled somewhat. Managers no longer have perceived or real control over their teams, and this is leading to a breakdown in trust. The lack of physical presence, chats in hallways, coffee catch-ups etc., are subliminal, yet powerful facets of control in line management. Is it time to consider peer management?