Updating Employee Contracts & Policies Wednesday 15th September with – Peninsula

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As a business owner, it’s vitally important that your employment contracts and policies are up to date. But, staying on top of documentation isn’t always easy, with your attention centred on making your business a success.


That means your employment contracts and policies might not reflect the way your business currently works. For instance, you might now have employees working remotely, changes to make to your sick leave policy, or amends needed to policies affected by the Work Safely Protocol. To help you review and update these vital documents, we’re hosting a webinar on September 15th at 11am that will discuss:


• The difference between an employee contract and handbook.


• How to review and update essential employment contracts and policies.


• How to communicate changes to employees.


Joining us on September 15th ― and following the advice provided ― will give you peace of mind that your employment contracts and policies are aligned with your business needs.