Kia Ora Mini Farm, Gorey, wins Outdoor Venue of the Year at The Irish Hospitality Awards for the 3rd year in a row

The Irish Hospitality Awards 2022 are organised and hosted by Creative Oceanic but are voted by the Irish public. The awards are back to celebrate hospitality excellence and recognise the success of Irish professionals and establishments that continue to deliver outstanding skill and customer service.

The Irish Hospitality Awards celebrate customer service, hard-work and dedication of the professionals that work within establishment where quality is standard. They also aim to recognise the outstanding work and perseverance from the local businesses and praises the individuals and teams that stood out during the voting process.

These awards acknowledge everyone who works hard to enhance the country’s reputation, from restaurants that serve tasty tapas to bars and clubs that keep Ireland alive. Ireland is known for its friendly people whose creative mindset and innovative thinking is the reason they deliver great top services and unforgettable experiences, in which promote and display the strong Irish heritage.

A spokesperson for The Irish Hospitality Awards 2022 said: “It was lovely to partake in this celebration and the hard work of Irish hospitality should not go unnoticed. The winners enhance the country’s reputation nationally and internationally and we would like to congratulate all winners for their achievements, it was very well deserved.

“Working within the hospitality industry can be challenging at times and the last few years have shown that, so these awards aim to thank those that work hard within the hospitality sector and contribute to those who make Ireland a beautiful place to visit.

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