About ESB Networks:


ESB Networks is a subsidiary within the ESB Group and is the licensed operator of the electricity distribution system in the Republic of Ireland. ESB Networks keeps the nation humming by connecting +2.3 million customers to Ireland’s electricity network.


At ESB Networks we maintain and build Ireland’s power network to ensure a safe, secure, and reliable supply of electricity is provided to homes, farms, and businesses across Ireland.


Our 3,000 staff build and operate the medium and low voltage electricity infrastructure, including distribution stations, overhead lines, poles and underground cables.


Electricity Safety


Providing a safe and secure electricity infrastructure is our key priority. Electricity is so much part of daily life that we often take it for granted. It is a powerful and versatile energy but can be dangerous if not used properly.


If you come across fallen wires or notice anything unusual about any ESB Networks’ equipment contact ESB Networks on our 24-Hour Emergency number, 1800 372 999.


For more information on electricity safety click HERE.


Innovation at ESB Networks


ESB Networks has a strong history of innovation, as a result we have developed one of the most progressive electricity networks in the world. It is through innovation that we will develop a future electricity network which empowers our customers, delivers value for money and provides a sustainable energy system for us all.


New Connections:


Looking for a new electricity connection for your home or business? You can now apply for a New Connection for Domestic, Business and Multi-Unit Sites on our website. Our online application process allows you to track the progress of your new connection with 24/7 access to your information and email notifications of any updates. Apply for your new connection HERE.


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Business Phone Number: 1800 372 757


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