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My name is Cara Drummond and I am the founder of Learn Together. Learn Together provides autism services in Carlow, Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford and Wicklow.

I am an experienced Autism Practitioner and Autism Awareness Trainer. I enjoy working independently 1:1 with Clients, their families, educational support and Social Care Teams offering practical supports that facilitate the Client to accomplish their goals. I particularly enjoy promoting positive experiences that contribute to improving self-confidence and self-esteem utilising emotional and motivational supports delivered through problem solving and holistic approaches.

I have experience working with those who may present with responsive behaviours or additional challenges that are as a result of environmental and sensory influences. I will work closely with the family to provide support plans that can be utilised in escalating situations and will provide de-escalating practices to put in place. Please look up https://www.learntogether.ie to read more about Learn Together and find links to my social media pages where you can follow me for advice and tips on supporting somebody with autism.

My services include:-

· 1:1 Outreach support – I am available to work with the Client in their own home to teach independent living skills or to access their local community. I will facilitate the Client to participate in community activities or to skills teach independent travel or money management for example. I am also available to address transitions such as primary to secondary school or to maintain a routine for a school leaver awaiting day service allocation.

· Family autism awareness training – This is reflective of the family’s need for supports and advice. The training is delivered in plain English recognising the Client’s own personality and traits whilst delivering an easy descriptive understanding of autism.

In advance of the training the family will complete simple questionnaires to enable me to get a good understanding of the Client. Having many family members present at the training will ensure flexibility and consistency for the Client. For example if Gran is not available to collect from school then Grandad should be aware of the routine also. We will address environmental factors and sensory needs to ensure the family has an understanding of how to best support their loved one.

· Professional autism training – I provide a comprehensive understanding of autism to those working in the disability sector, healthcare/childcare services and educational providers. Understanding autism allows you to support people with autism proactively. Dependent on your organisation I tailor my training to meet your needs. Some services may require a full days intensive training covering many subjects and others may wish to begin with an introduction to understanding autism to adapt their personalised approach in a Doctor’s surgery for example.

· Community autism awareness training – This training is aimed at community members such as local shop keepers, sports clubs, hotels etc.. who wish to become autism aware to enable them to actively meet specific customer needs. This is a great way to promote inclusion and awareness and is most welcomed by parenting groups, autism advocates and local Councils.

· Employer support – Adults with autism sometimes are not as successful in the workplace as they should be. Often this is because the organisation does not understand autism and although the individuals excel at their job they need different supports in place to enable them to cope in what can be for some at times a challenging environment. It may also because that the employee feels they cannot disclose that they are autistic and this is very disappointing.

I will work with your organisation to enable your company to adapt your approach. An employee with autism will not require special treatment but may require more flexibility/structure/communication in their day.

It would be great to see local Wexford companies supporting people with autism particularly as Wexford is so under funded and therefore there are very limited resources in Wexford.

· Advocacy support – Whoever the educational provider I am available to offer parents my support to promote positive interventions on their behalf. I will provide my services to address Individual Educational Plans (IEP) in schools or Person Centred Plans (PCP) in Day Services or their residential placement. I will advocate for the Client on behalf of the family for the common goal to achieve the best outcome for the Client.

23 The Green

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Tel: 0879645186 Email: cara@learntogether.ie