Natural Health Store

Natural Health Store was established in December 2013 and is a family run health store. Founded by four siblings we began our retail career in the 1980’s and have worked together ever since, we have a combined retail experience of nearly 150 years.  Family values define us and are part of the integral success of our business.


The business was born out of a redundancy which forced us to face our fears. With sheer determination, perseverance and dedication we have built a successful company which despite the pandemic is going from strength to strength. We opened our Wexford Store in 2013 and in November 2019 we opened a second store in Market Cross, Kilkenny. And this year saw us opening our online store.  Opening an online store was by far the most challenging, but we are very happy with the outcome and again perseverance and dedication pays off.


As a family business our core values are “Family Values” these are central to our business model. Trust, knowledge, experience, passion, compassion and customer care are also part of these core values.  We believe these family values are key to the success of our business.


Customers are very important to us, we provide a personal service to our customers, we build relationships with them, and they place their trust in us to provide them with the best possible solution to their health concerns. Customers value more than just monetary value. Customers value their time, they value people they can trust, they value family, they value experience and knowledge. These values are part of our core business model and the reasons why our customers come back to us again and again.


We continuously engage with our customers and as we build their trust in us, they open up to us. The relationship often takes the shape of one they would have with their GP.  Our mission is to educate our customers so that they don’t always need to visit the GP, to show them that simple changes in their diet and lifestyle and supplementation in natural remedies can help them to lead to a healthier and happier life. To switch them from thinking “visit the GP for drugs” to thinking “visit the health food store for advice”.


As a family run business, each of us take on our own fully defined role within the business and fully support each other.  We are well supported by an excellent, knowledgeable and passionate team. Among us we have staff with qualifications in Nutritional Therapy, Nutritional Health Coach’s, BA in Health Promotion, Iridology, Mental Health First Aid, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dementia Awareness Training, Food Intolerance Tester, Bach Flower Remedies, and Beautician.  We are constantly updating our knowledge on products, and ways to improve on our customers’ needs. 


Our goal is to serve our customers with their full trust and confidence; we earn this by continuing to supply high quality stock and the knowledge to back it up. A knowledgeable, skilled, and well-trained workforce is critical to our success. We can now offer our customers the same excellent service they get in store from our Online Store  

Natural Health Store – Feel good on the inside.