Potential for Creation of 100,000 Jobs – Chambers Ireland Launches Local Election Manifesto

  Potential for Creation of 100,000 Jobs

Chambers Ireland Launches Local Election Manifesto

Chambers Ireland has today called on local elections candidates to support the business community by making five key commitments, which will reduce the cost of doing business and increase competitiveness. If these commitments are adhered to, there is the potential to create 100,000 jobs in the construction, retail and tourism sectors.

These commitments are:

  1. Support local economies through business engagement on Local Enterprise Offices and Local Community Development Committees; working with Chambers to support local tourism and supporting town centres through fair car parking rates;
  2. Support procurement policies that support local businesses by encouraging local authorities to focus on job creation and the economy rather than lowest price when awarding contracts;
  3. Ensure Local Government reform benefits business through targeted reductions in commercial rates and that monies raised through the Local Property Tax are spent on local services;
  4. Guarantee the rollout of Irish Water will not lead to increased charges for business by encouraging local authorities to work with Irish Water to produce a reliable and sustainable supply for all; and
  5. Make infrastructure and planning contribute to growth by ensuring planning laws and decisions support business development.

Madeleine Quirke, CEO Wexford Chamber said  “The business community is the largest single source of funding for Local Authorities throughout Ireland and it is vital that their contribution to the local community is recognised. The reform of Local Government offers a unique opportunity to enhance the collaborative process between businesses and Local Authorities and we encourage all candidates to commit to being pro-active advocates for business.”

The full Local Elections 2014 Business Manifesto can be downloaded here.