Auto Enrolment for Pensions – 5th October

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Date: 5th October

Time: 12:30pm

Venue: Ashdown Park


Tony Connolly from Neiland Financial Services will discuss the following key themes:


  • Auto Enrolment for Pensions

  • Responsibilities of Employers

  • Q&A



Yvonne Swanick, Broker Consultant, Zurich will discuss the following key themes:


  • IROPS 2 legislation recently transposed into Irish Law 

  • Wealth Extraction for business owners.


This will be followed by a light lunch and networking. 

If Automatic enrolment for pensions is introduced it would see Employers automatically enroll their employees into their workplace pension scheme. Employers would then be obliged to contribute a percentage of an employee’s salary to help fund their retirement.


We want to ensure that all of our Members are kept up to date with the latest developments regarding Automatic enrolment for pensions. To do this, we have collaborated with Neiland Financial Services to bring you ‘Auto Enrolment for Pensions’ briefing.


From 2023 all Businesses will have to by law operate an Auto Enrolment Pension scheme, which means you will have to have a pension scheme in place for your employees. If an opt out not an opt in so there automatically opting in from international experience very few staff members opt out.


This is something that’s coming down the track next year which will be an additional cost to Businesses. It is vital that you understand this scheme now so you can budget for it next year, therefore we are hosting this must attend event.