Export Services

Export Services


Some countries request a Certificate of Origin with imports. This document proves the place of growth, production, or manufacture of goods specified. The type of Certificate required varies according to the destination of the goods, e.g. member States of the Arab League require an Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin. The majority of Certificates of Origin issued by the Chamber will be for non-Arab destinations. In such cases the European Union Certificate of Origin is used.


County Wexford Chamber is officially authorised by the Dept. of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and Chambers Ireland to issue and certify export documentation such as Certificates of Origin.


Before a company can apply for a Certificate of Origin certain information is required by the Chamber:

  • An Indemnity Form must be completed by the company before the Chamber can provide certification service. The undertaking of indemnification is needed with respect to information provided by the company to the Chamber. The company agrees to abide by standard rules and indemnifies the Chamber against inaccuracy of documents or misleading information. The applicant must be based in the 26 counties and be registered with the Companies Registration Office. The Indemnity Form is available from County Wexford Chamber and is renewed annually.
  • A list of authorised signatories for the company on the company’s headed paper, (with sample of signature). The signatories will be authorised to sign applications for certificates on behalf of the company: the (pink) application form of the European Certificate of Origin or the blue & green sheets of the Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin and documentation will only be accepted from those on the authorised list.
  • Non-members of County Wexford Chamber must supply the Chamber with a Bankers Reference. This must confirm that the company maintains an account with the bank.


Certificates of Origin certified online:


See online: essCert 


Please contact pauline@countywexfordchamber.ie for an Indemnity Form to register for this Service.

Once you are registered to use the system you simply log in and enter all certificate details. Shortly after your online submission, we will apply our Chamber official stamp and signature digitally and then email you to confirm approval. You can then issue an EU Certificate of Origin right at your own printer (you will need to maintain a stock of blank certificates which are purchased at the Chamber)

Contact the Exports Team at County Wexford Chamber 053 9122226 for more information.


Trade Resources


The ICC – The International Chamber of Commerce, Customs and Trade Facilitation Commission contains information on the WTO, their #tradematters campaign and links to various useful resources around trade, logistics, Incoterms and global developments in trade.


Revenue website- preferential trade – This website contains all information exporters will need regarding preferential trade, applying for EUR1 Certs and ATR Movement Certs for Turkey.


European Commission DG Trade is responsible for overseeing the European Commission trade and investment policies. This website will give you an overview and updates on progress being made across several different trade negotiations, EU trade policy and rules regarding trade.


Market Access Database – The Market Access Database give information to companies exporting from the EU into third countries about import conditions on requirements.


EU Trade Helpdesk – This is you guide to the EU’s import rules and taxes and provided information on how trade deals apply to your business, – import duties, rules of origin, VAT, regulations.


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