Menopause in the Workplace Webinar

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Date: Thursday, February 8

Time: 1pm

Location: Online


Menopause in the Workplace Awareness Training Webinar content

  • Understand the impact of menopause on work performance.
  • Learn about the signs, symptoms, and average age of occurrence.
  • Guide to symptom management.
  • Signposting where help is available.
  • How organisations can help and support.


Who is the programme for?

Managers, employers, supervisors who wish to learn more about supporting their staff during the menopause transition.

Workplace colleagues who are/have experienced the menopause or are providing support for a work colleague.

Why is it important?

  • The latest census figures show the number of women in the menopausal age bracket of 45-64 in Ireland is now 651,845.
  • 418,989 of these women are still in employment
  • In 2022, almost 40% of the women who took part in a Menopause In The Workplace Survey said they had seriously considered quitting work due to the impact of symptoms.
  • 94% of the women surveyed said more menopause awareness training for managers and HR bosses is required.
  • 81% said they did not feel comfortable discussing the issue with line managers.


Kathleen Kinsella RGN, MBA, Fellow RCSI.

Kathleen has over 30 years’ experience in both private and public sectors of the healthcare sector.

She also works as Honorary Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing at the RCSI.

Kathleen is the first Ireland-based licensed Menopause in the Workplace trainer with Henpicked UK and has also completed the Principles and Practice of Menopause Care course with the British Menopause Society. She has a Diploma in Women’s Health from the RCSI.