Briefing with EirGrid – 5th May

Date: 5th May

Time: 11:00 am

Location: Zoom

Speaker: EirGrid

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EirGrid are undertaking their largest ever nationwide consultation and engagement programme to help shape our electricity future. Join us in being part of the conversation on Wednesday 5th of May at 11am. 


Ireland’s national grid moves electricity across the country, bringing power from where it’s generated to where it’s used. In Ireland, EirGrid operate the grid and plan for its future.


Electricity can be generated from clean and renewable sources – like wind and solar power. These can replace polluting sources of energy like coal and oil. Because of this, electricity will soon be used for more reasons, like transport and heating.
To prepare for this future, the Irish Government has asked EirGrid to make the grid ready so that at least 70% of Ireland’s electricity can come from renewable sources by 2030.


To achieve this, Ireland needs to add a lot of new renewable electricity – which is typically generated far away from where it is being used. This means the grid must carry more power over longer distances, from renewable sources that vary depending on the weather.


In response, EirGrid will need to make the grid stronger and more flexible. To help decide how best to do this, they have created four draft approaches. Based on your feedback, they will then develop a final strategy.


To support this process, County Wexford Chamber is hosting a briefing find out more, ask your questions and provide feedback on the potential approaches.