Cyber Security Update Workshop – 15th June

Date:15th June

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Location: Online

Price: €65.00

Trainer: Professional.ie

Book: Wexford Chamber Skillnet



Course Description


This half day workshop is a general introduction to the computer security landscape for anyone who has access to the computers of an organisation. It highlights the many forms of attack and how they can be mitigated either through the use of hardware or software or through the vigilance of the users themselves. It will conclude with examples of the potential costs associated with a security breach and a very clear message that everyone has a part to play in protecting an organisation from hackers.




This workshop will give an overview on what is Cybercrime and understanding the trade-offs between security, cost and convenience in computer security. It will look at computer security feature eg. rooters, firewalls, logins, password policy remote access. it will also look at different types of attack eg. phising ransomware online fraud and network access. the workshop will then discuss how to combat the Cyber security risk.


Computer security features


Network Infrastructure
Secure communication channels between sites
Access control mechanisms
Two Factor Authentication

Types of attack


Phishing / Vishing / Smishing
Network access
Online fraud
Physical access – Theft of laptop
Social engineering


What to do to combat the Cyber Security risk


This session aims to guide organisations and users in:
Mitigating Cyber Attacks
Developing Cyber-security-aware users
Addressing Covid19 related concerns
Understanding the cost of Cyber security breaches