Charley Swords

Charley Swords is a respected international leadership, strategy and career mentor; business consultant, trainer, speaker and author.  She works with individuals and organisations globally, facilitating transformative leadership, strategic change and significant career transitioning.


She founded Charley Swords Consultancy in 1997 after 18 years in a leading Irish commercial bank.  She has worked in over 30 countries and is a part-time associate lecturer in both Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in the areas of Executive Education and International Advisory Services; and with the International Academy of Business and Finance Management in the areas of strategy and leadership development training.


In her work as a mentor, trainer and consultant with individuals and management and leadership teams up to and including executives and Boards of Directors, she challenges conventional wisdom through sharp strategic insights, based on the depth and breadth of her experience, bringing a very different perspective. In her unique approach and style, she presents a revolutionary leadership framework for aspiring and experienced leaders alike, enabling them to navigate challenging organisations and people, at all levels. She offers transformative solutions in strategic thinking and positioning, modern people-led leadership and business transformation that empowers leaders to unleash their own potential and the full potential of their people.


Charley is a master communicator; diversity and inclusion mentor; internationally impactful leadership and strategy expert who delivers tailored solutions to meet her clients unique needs and goals empowering people to step outside their own thinking, to grow exponentially in confidence and to build significant self-awareness while navigating their individual career paths.


Address: Gorey, County Wexford



Phone: 087 2368992