Gridpro Solar

Gridpro solar is an Irish owned dedicated provider of solar saver options. The business was established by Sean Doyle, established roofer and Jim Lennon, electrical specialist. Both Sean and Jim bring over 30 years of experience to the business and to their customers. They have partnered their skills to establish Gridpro solar as a positive service offering for those who want to save time, save money and promote sustainability and the environment.

Supported by a team of professionals, the business assesses, measures and fits superior solar saver options for both private residential and commercial properties and sites. Based on an initial assessment, the team will then provide options and recommendations that will save your home and your business money. We look forward to continuing to support our customers, help you to save money, support sustainability and environmental compliance for private residents and businesses.


Solar energy is a clean energy source which helps homeowners and business owners to save money and improve the value of their homes and businesses. With a goal of the Irish government to have 80% of the country’s electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030 solar power is a worthwhile option. The benefits of solar power

  • Solar panels are more affordable. There are now more finance and grant options available to help businesses and homeowners access solar panels for their property. 
  • You can now save money by choosing solar. Going solar can reduce your utility and energy costs. 
  • The lights can remain on if the grid is off. 
  • Solar power can increase the value of your property. 
  • Solar systems work well across a variety of climates. Europe and the EU are increasing the reliance and priority of solar energy options to support the environment, green transparency and sustainability. The European Commission has launched the REPowerEU plan. This includes an EU Solar Strategy which aims to double photovoltaic capacity by 2025 and install 600GW by 2030. The plan also includes the Solar Rooftop initiative which will introduce a legal obligation to install solar panels on commercial and private residential buildings.




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