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At Love Energy Ltd, we source the cheapest electricity and gas prices for business premises throughout the Southeast and beyond. We give advice on energy saving methods for all commercial property types.

We will teach you to understand your energy bills rather than just seeing the total figure at the bottom. We have also linked up with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to offer free energy audits for businesses. This is conducted by our qualified energy auditor from the SEAI. 


The renewables section of Love Energy Ltd focuses on small scale wind turbines. Our targeted audience are farms and rural commercial properties. We have partnered up with Scottish company SD Wind Energy Ltd to supply and install small scale wind turbines.

These turbines can generate up to 35,000 kWh per annum (an average house is 4,400kWh). With no planning permission needed for these turbines, they are a great investment for your business. 

With our SD Wind Energy trained installer, we can offer a 5 year warranty. 

With over 15 years experience, our energy engineer will advise on Solar and Wind energy for your commercial property with complete installation and after services. 

With over 200 business owners in County Wexford already with us for over 4 years, we treasure all our clients.


We make ourselves contactable at all times via phone, email and our website. 





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