Management Resource Institute, Blaise Brosnan

Blaise Brosnan has a unique blend of practical top management experience gained over 25 years in his capacity as Chief Executive of a well known National Irish business and later as business mentor to a range of Irish business types.  Blaise has also worked closely with many major international companies all over the world, to successfully implement business interventions and strategic growth programs, guiding these businesses through the many phases of change to successful outcomes and significant growth in business and profitability.

We bring practical workable solutions to deal with your real opportunities and issues. We do not tackle the  symptoms; we attack the real root problems which are currently choking your business.

We operate at two levels: at senior management levels we facilitate your team to formulate the appropriate strategies and at the operational level, we train and  coach your operatives to implement the agreed strategies.

We add value by solving clients problems in as short a time as possible, but always in a detailed, confidential and effective manner

  • Mediation 
  • Consultancy
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Speaking engagements



Phone: 053-9147774