Pillar Healthcare Ltd

Pillar Healthcare was founded in the September of 2012 with the specific aim of providing a credible, non-invasive solution to the growing incidence of infertility across the globe. Over a three year period, Pillar Healthcare devised a nutritional formulation that would eventually be examined in what was deemed to be, Europe’s first-ever clinical study into a nutraceutical and its effect on both male and female fertility parameters.


The lead researcher in this examination concluded that “pre-Conceive, combined with nutritional advice, improves the levels of key fertility and nutritional parameters in both men and women,”  and Dr David Smallbone (M.B., Ch.B., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., M.F. Hom., F.C.O.H.), a former President of the Food & Health Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK concluded that “pre-Conceive consciously provides those specific nutritional needs for full fertility health to be achieved. It may be that, in most cases, very little else is required – except time.”


To find out more about pre-Conceive and Pillar Healthcare, please visit us at our website, www.pillarhealthcare.com.