LEED Strategy Ltd

At LEED Strategy we develop the blueprint for bringing process and quality improvements to every aspect of every plant and production centre. We guide organisations through the phases of defining, deploying, managing and optimising their lean manufacturing goals, putting customers and their needs at the heart of all improvement efforts. 

We facilitate the development of competitive lean business strategies that enable our clients to create sustainable value. 

The bottom line is we help you discover the power to grow your organisation through the development and deployment of a lean manufacturing strategy that attracts new customers, delights existing ones and fuels higher gross margins. 

Our clients are organisations and businesses of all sizes from private firms, not-for-profit , start-ups, turnarounds and high potentials.

They come from an array of sectors – bio processing, pharma, healthcare, professional services, agriculture, dairy, manufacturing.


Address: Clonroe Upper, Gorey, Co.Wexford

Tel:  086 192 1309

Email: tom@leedstrategy.com

Website: www.leedstrategy.com