Wexford Information Systems Engineering

WISE offer consultancy and design, system development, integration, project management and support, maintenance and training.


WISE has been in business for over 30 years. Our vast experience, depth of expertise and our agile approach bring such benefits to our customers as customer collaboration, response to change, working solutions and highest business value in the shortest time.


Delivering exceptional MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) to Quality-driven manufacturing industries.


For Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Liquids and Powders Management, MedTech & Data Security Services Systems, Metals Manufacturing, and Aquaculture Track & Trace – WISE design & develop software applications & integration solutions for Factory Floor Scheduling, Data Acquisition & Exchange, KPI, Product Identification, Labelling, Traceability, Laboratory QA, and Warehouse Management.

Traceability, Management and Integrations are the WISE MES set of solutions used to record the critical key aspects of your Production.


Below is a list of Industries we work with:

  • Food Production
  • Beverage Production
  • Liquid Ingredient Management
  • Powders and Ingredients Management
  • WISEtrack: MedTech and Archives & Records Management Systems
  • WISEmetal: Metals Manufacturing Execution System
  • WISEcatch: Aquaculture Track & Trace Management


Our success is, and will be, based solely on our clients’ continued success.


Business Website Address: h ttp://www.wise.ie/ Business Phone Number: 053-9142322

Business Contact Email: wise@wise.ie