Phil Walker “Cool to Planet Talk” Business and Global Warming – A Call to Action

“Cool to Planet Talk” Business and Global Warming – A Call to Action

Climate Change is one, if not the biggest potential problem facing life on this planet. While most people have heard about “global warming” or “climate change”, overall there is very little understanding of what it’s about – and even less information on how climate change directly affects us all.

This presentation aims to explain climate change and points to ways businesses can respond to it, and benefit directly from this response. It includes simple and practical money-saving examples by which businesses can start to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.


Cool Planet Champions, Ireland’s first national programme is designed specifically at explaining climate change in as simple, understandable and colloquial way as possible. The programme has called out for and now nominated 26 volunteers from every county in Ireland and trained them (to best international standards) to spread the word in their local communities and to help educate, inform and inspire change.

Phil Walker is the Cool Planet Champion for County Wexford. He is an engineer who started his career in the UK shipbuilding industry and later was based in South Korea and then China, developing businesses for an international certification body. This involved providing ISO quality certifications and environmental certifications for local and multinational business clients. Phil moved to Ireland with his family in 2004, spending four years as the environmental advisor to Waterford Chamber, assisting Irish companies to improve their environmental performance and achieve environmental certification. He now runs his own business, providing EcoMerit environmental certification and cost saving support for Irish businesses, in conjunction with the EPA and several local government agencies.