The GreenSave Environmental Charter

The purpose of the Charter is to encourage businesses and organisations of all kinds to make public their environmental performance and to demonstrate year-on-year their commitment to improving their environmental sustainability.

The Charter is designed to do this in a simple, understandable and practical manner.

As a Charter participant you are required to;

  • Publish your annual carbon footprint (scope 1 and 2) on your website.
  • If transport forms a significant part of your activities, include your transport-related carbon emissions in your footprint data.
  • Publish your annual water use (if metered) and waste creation, including recycling levels, on your website.
  • Where relevant, include benchmarks for your annual energy, waste and water performance against one or more business activity measures (e.g. production output, floor area, bednights, footfall, transaction numbers etc.) and include this on your website.
  • Publish information on any notifiable pollution incident or breach of environmental law which occurs during the reporting period on your website.
  • Display all the above information prominently at reception or an equivalent location on site.
  • Update it each year in a timely manner and retain historical performance in the published data.
  • Have a current and recognised environmental certification in place in order to give confidence in the published data (e.g. ISO 14001, EcoMerit).

NB: The required reporting information is all now automatically calculated on the new format EcoMerit performance record. Alternative formats are of course equally acceptable.

As a Charter participant you may also;

  • Include explanatory notes or narrative to put the performance data in context, ensuring that any such notes are honest, factual and in no way misleading.
  • Include information on current improvement initiatives and/or longer term targets.
  • Highlight your participation in the GreenSave Charter in promotional materials.

As a Charter participant you will;

  • Have your participation registered on, and your website data signposted from, the Wexford Chamber and LEO websites. EcoMerit sites will also be signposted from the EcoMerit website.

Eligibility and Rights of Appeal

Key to the Charter is its integrity and robustness. Without these features it would have little value.

Eligibility as a Charter participant is based on adherence to the specified requirements. Decisions concerning eligibility are in the first instance the responsibility of the Charter Administrator (Econcertive).

Applicants and Participants who dispute any decision by the Charter Administrator have a right of appeal. Appeals will be judged by Wexford Chamber and LEO Wexford, whose decisions are binding and final.

Further Information, or to download the GreenSave Environment Charter Application form click here

For further information, contact any of the following;


Title, Organisation



Phil Walker

CEO, Econcertive

051 428739

Madeleine Quirke

CEO, Wexford Chamber


Tom Banville

Head of Enterprise, Local Enterprise Office Wexford