Spiritual Earth

Spiritual Earth is a provider of Wellbeing solutions that help people and organisations reduce and effectively manage stress and boost productivity and wellbeing. They offer bespoke programmes for management and staff uniquely designed to address actual wellbeing needs and goals. They work with a broad range of clients from SMEs to larger companies, entrepreneurs, NGOs and schools. Founded by Calodagh McCumiskey, Spiritual Earth has been in Business for nine years.  Calodagh is an accredited thought leader in wellbeing through the AIBF and writes a weekly article on wellbeing for the Wexford People and other INM owned regional publications around Ireland.    


‘COVID has challenged people’s wellbeing on so many levels. It has affected everyone in a different way – posing new and often complicated problems for each person, from financial to health, to relationship and mental health. More than 60 percent of the population say their mental health has deteriorated in the last year, and isolation has been a big factor for so many.  More than ever employers have a big part to play in people’s wellbeing.  Work itself has been a source of wellbeing during COVID as it has been an anchor and given people a routine and focus. There is a well-established correlation between wellbeing and productivity.  


Like everyone else, we have had to adapt our business model to serve the changing needs of our clients.  We specialise in bespoke programmes.  Wellbeing is very personal.  There isn’t a one size fits all solution.  We tailor solutions to clients that bring about real and lasting change. We share best practice solutions from our own experience and proven success stories.  Whether morale is low or people are struggling with isolation or they just want a lift from COVID fatigue, we help clients boost wellbeing, productivity and engagement.   As well as working with our regular clients including Danone and the WWETB, COVID has given us the opportunity to work with many amazing new clients including Bank Of Ireland, the EPA, the IWA, and many small businesses, entrepreneurs and schools.’ Calodagh McCumiskey


You can read more about Spiritual Earth at www.spiritualearth.com or contact them at: info@spiritualearth.com.