dulann – “Environmental, Health, Safety & Quality Compliance as easy as Booking a Flight!“

Technology has changed peoples lives at breakneck speeds for decades, and the 2020 Pandemic has only accelerated that change. One of the growth areas within corporate digital transformation is the desire to provide efficient, compliant and safer workplaces from anywhere in the world. One local Company that has been steadily and quietly leading the market in digital transformation, is the award winning Wexford town based, dulann.

Focusing specifically on the compliance sector, dulann digitally transform paperwork and process, essentially making “Environmental, Health, Safety & Quality Compliance as easy as Booking a Flight!“. Officially opened by former Minister Brendan Howlin in 2013, dulann initially focused on the eLearning market, before it was even fashionable. Now dulann have grown to provide a suite of five Compliance Management Applications, and over 50 customisable eLearning courses, to some of the World’s most recognisable Companies. These Companies in turn operate the dulann systems across America, Northern Europe and the UK.  dulann themselves opened their own “Global Software Development Hub” in Malaga in 2021.

Every business in the world also knows that it must embrace technology in order to serve their customers better, because if they don’t adopt, they know that their competitors will. Implementing that technological change is something far more complex than simply buying some software, and that is where dulann have carved a niche for themselves. dulann currently employs 16 people directly, and has a network of Franchise offices in Cork, Galway, Sligo, Louth, Dublin, Kildare and Wexford. It is these Franchise offices that have been a key differentiator for dulann in the marketplace. Their customers are not just dealing with sales people looking to sell software, they are dealing with local people who have a vested interest in delivering the very best solution for the business and the local community.

dulann have their eyes firmly focused on the Medium Sized Enterprise market, with their business model being focused on delivering the world’s best technology, through locally based Franchisees. The five Online Management Systems cover EHS, Quality, Maintenance, Learning and Procurement. dulann are also due to launch an ESG Application later this year, meaning that they are the first company in the world to offer such an all encompassing range of Management Services.

A significant differentiator for dulann is that they do not insist on time limited contracts. They are the only company in the digital transformation space that operates in this way. Matthias Kausch, Technical Success Director, offers a simple reason for this as he says “If we are not constantly delivering for our clients, then we don’t deserve to be there. Why should a contract then force us to be together for an unnecessary period of time. It is the ultimate customer service and innovation test that none of our competitors can match.”

2022 sees the company planning to open 3 more Franchise offices in Ireland as well as Franchise offices in Spain and the UK. The company hopes to have trading bases in the Americas and APAC in 2023.

According to Damian Donlon CEO, local companies all over the world need to have access to the same technological advantages as the big Corporates. If they don’t, then the competitive losses at the local economic level just get greater and greater.  dulann helps those businesses to not just bridge that deficit, not just to level the playing field, but to put them in a stronger position. Our applications reduce wasted time, transferring that time into more productive areas.  We provide live access to Key Performance Indicators so that decisions can be made quicker and with more confidence.  Of course the added benefit is that while clients are becoming safer, more efficient and compliant, we are also reducing their carbon footprint.  In one local example two container loads of paperwork storage were digitised and taken off site.

dulann continues to lead the Digital Transformation Market and would be delighted to hear from any Wexford business that wishes to streamline their operations. dulann work with many local companies and if any business would like a free consultation. then please 0contact us today through www.dulann.com