A Chance to Innovate: IT Carlow




Is your business interested in developing a new product or perhaps is seeking some assistance with bringing a new business concept to reality? Then the Institute of Technology Carlow could be able to help.


How it works:

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 and are available to assist micro, small and medium sized businesses to explore a new product or business opportunity by engaging with what is called a registered knowledge provider: i.e. the Institute of Technology Carlow. Once your Innovation Voucher application is approved by Enterprise Ireland you receive a €5,000 voucher which you can use in exchange for research, development, design or innovation services with the research centres here at IT Carlow. Even businesses with a turnover of up to €50million can apply.


What can IT Carlow offer?

The Institute of Technology Carlow has been recognised as one of the leading providers of these innovation support services to Irish industry. Every year our team works with approx. 40 regional businesses to assist with their new product or service developments. What’s unique about IT Carlow is we have a strength of research expertise including ICT (Internet of Things, Sensors, App development), Engineering (Mechanical, Electronic, Aerospace), Healthcare, Software Development as well as New Product Design.

In using an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher you can gain access to a knowledge base who will assist your business with innovation and product development. Sometimes the team assist with clarifying what the customer really needs from your new idea and at other times it involves helping to deliver a working prototype of your new product. Because Enterprise Ireland want Irish businesses of all sizes to succeed, you do not have to be an Enterprise Ireland client to apply for this scheme. And if the Institute of Technology Carlow cannot help you – we will direct you towards the other colleges or universities who might be able to help.


Next Steps

If you are interested in availing of an Innovation Voucher the next opportunity to apply is coming up soon. Online applications must be made to Enterprise Ireland between April 26th – May 10th @ 3pm. The Institute of Technology Carlow can help you with the application process. Contact us below and we’d be delighted to help you in completing your application.

Note: 80% of Innovation Voucher applications are successful, so once you have a new idea that needs research, design or further development – please do contact us and we’d be delighted to work through the idea with you.

Contact Us:

Mark Rodgers

Business Development Engineer

Design+ Technology Gateway, IT Carlow

Email:    mark.rodgers@itcarlow.ie

Tel:         059 917 5270

Web:     www.designplus.ie        

Further Information on Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers can be found by clicking here.

IT Carlow’s 2017 New Frontiers Programme



Applications are now being accepted at the Institute of Technology Carlow for this Enterprise Ireland supported professional training and enterprise support programme which trains potential entrepreneurs in the skills required to establish and run their own businesses.

The programme is located at the Enterprise and Research Incubation Centre (ERIC) in Institute of Technology Carlow.

For further information on New Frontiers, visit http://www.itcarlow.ie/enterprise/new-frontiers-programme.htm or contact 

Maresa Fitzhenry 059 91 75220