Another Star Performance for South East Radio in Latest JNLR!

The latest certified independent radio listenership figures for all of Ireland confirm South East Radio is the most listened to radio station in Co. Wexford. More people listen to South East Radio, and they listen to us for longer than any other radio station.

This latest success comes just weeks after South East Radio won the prestigious CSR Award at this year’s Co. Wexford Business Awards.

Two thirds of the population of Co. Wexford tune into South East Radio every week. That’s a massive 70,000 adults tuning in to 95.6 to 96.4FM. 49,000 of these are housekeepers, the all important purse string holders.  That means that 62 % of our audience are responsible for deciding how they will spend their income in Co. Wexford. We can help you to inform and influence their spend on your product or service.

When you have questions regarding any audience in Co Wexford, South East Radio have the answers for you with the added reassurance that all answers provided are supported by JNLR Ipsos/MRBI facts. So when an advertisement is aired it’s never a case that it might reach your target audience, it is always a case it WILL reach your target audience.

Ask us questions about the audience you want to reach. We have the facts to support that we are the undisputed No. 1 radio station in Co. Wexford for all adults, housekeepers and ABC1s. We know our listeners are the most loyal in Co Wexford tuning in for 1 hour and 21 minutes every day. No other radio station comes close to reaching this level of time spent listening in Co. Wexford.


*JNLR IPSOS/ MRBI July 2014- June 2015 (Joint National Listenership Research- Ipsos/ MRBI)