Aoife Caulfield Named Wexford Financial Services Business Person Of The Year 2023

Ballygowan Businesswoman Aoife Caulfield has been named Wexford Financial Services Business Person Of The Year 2023 by the All-Ireland Business Foundation.

Aoife founded Caulfield Financial Ltd out of love for her family and a constant desire to help people achieve their financial goals & expectations.

Caulfield Financial embodies her vision of customer service excellence and her core goal of breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of getting solid financial planning advice.

Aoife has worked in the Financial Services industry since 2000, and provides expertise in all areas of financial planning, including Retirement Planning, Life & Serious Illness Cover, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection and more.

Aoife Caulfield has been recognised by the All-Ireland Business Foundation for her contribution to trade and commerce in Wexford.

Reacting to the news of her company’s achievement, Aoife Caulfield said:

I am so humbled and grateful to receive my All Ireland Business Foundation All Star Wexford Financial Services Business Person of the year Award 2023. Caulfield Financial Ltd is constantly striving to achieve the most unique and personal way of taking care of our clients whilst still focussed on growing our company from strength to strength. We are in business 6 years in May and for us to achieve this award and be recognised as one of the best providers of Financial Planning in the Country along with my fellow All Ireland Business Foundation Award winners feels like somewhere that dreams are made of. This Award represents to me the hard work, dedication, perseverance and the belief that I have in my business other than just monetary reward, this accolade is beyond special and it’s so wonderful to be recognised for all my efforts to get me to this point. Thank you so much again for your confidence in my business

Managing Director of the All-Ireland Business Foundation Kapil Khanna said: The accreditation, which is now held by over 500 firms, is needed by the thousands of small and medium businesses which operate to their own standards but have nothing to measure them by.

He said: We evaluate a company’s background, trustworthiness and performance, and we speak to customers, employees and vendors. We also anonymously approach the company as a customer and report back on the experience. The business goes through at least two interviews and is scored on every part of the process against set metrics.

About The All-Ireland Business Foundation

The All-Ireland Business Foundation is an autonomous national accreditation body tasked with enterprise development and the promotion of Best-in-Class Irish businesses. As the accreditation body for the Business All-Star mark, the AIBF recognises Best-In-Class Irish businesses. Companies that merit recognition based on an independent audit of their performance, reputation, and customer-centricity.

Business All-Star Accreditation Is The Nation’s Symbol Of Trust

Currently, there are over 650 companies that are accredited by AIBF. Since 2014, over 5000 companies have participated in our programs.

The AIBF also hosts the annual All-Ireland Summit and monthly gatherings to promote peer-learning and collaboration among its accredited companies.

To learn more about Caulfield Financial Ltd, visit their All-Star showcase page.

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