Building Bridges: County Wexford Chamber Welcomes Australian Ambassador at The Hatch Lab, Gorey

In a significant stride towards strengthening international business ties, County Wexford Chamber had the distinct honor of hosting the Australian Ambassador, the Honourable Gary Gray, and his wife Pippa at The Hatch Lab in Gorey. The visit, facilitated by Senator Malcolm Byrne, marked a pivotal moment for fostering collaboration between businesses in County Wexford and Australia.

Distinguished Guests and Local Leaders

The esteemed guests had the opportunity to engage with key figures from the County Wexford business community:

Chamber President Lorcan Kinsella and Deputy CEO Deirdre O’Flynn were present, showcasing the strength and dynamism of our local business leadership.

A Productive Exchange of Ideas

The meeting delved into various aspects of business operations in Australia, covering a spectrum of topics including the pharma and life sciences sector, data protection, copyright, business visas, bio-security, and software solutions. This diverse range of discussions highlighted the depth and breadth of expertise within the County Wexford business community.

Building Bridges for Future Collaborations

The exchange of contact details and business cards during the visit laid the groundwork for promising future collaborations. Follow-up discussions are in the pipeline, with a special focus on establishing connections with Chambers of Commerce in Perth and Western Australia.

Senator Malcolm Byrne, instrumental in facilitating this impactful visit, expressed optimism about the potential opportunities that may arise from these newfound connections. “Building international bridges is not just about business; it’s about creating lasting partnerships that benefit both regions,” remarked Senator Byrne.

Looking Forward to a Future of Growth and Collaboration

The County Wexford Chamber is excited about the prospects that this visit has opened up. The commitment to nurturing international relations aligns with the chamber’s vision of creating a thriving and globally connected business community in County Wexford.

As we reflect on this momentous occasion, we anticipate a future marked by fruitful collaborations, shared innovations, and a network that knows no boundaries. The journey towards international business excellence has just begun, and County Wexford is poised for success on the global stage.


Stay tuned for updates on our international initiatives and collaborative ventures.