Brexit Preparedness

In the event of no agreement being reached between the EU and the UK in the Brexit negotiations, the European Commission has prepared a list of notices to help businesses prepare across various business areas and are available to view on the Commission’s website: European Commission Brexit Preparedness

The Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation (DBEI) is encouraging firms to review these notices and consider relevant actions that may be required in terms of Brexit.

In addition, the European Commission and the Irish Government have begun implementing their ‘No-Deal’  Contingency Action Plans for specific sectors to prepare for a possible ‘No-Deal’ Brexit from last December.

These are specific measures and legislative proposals for sectors in which a ‘no-deal’ scenario would have a significant impact for citizens and businesses across the EU.

Tied to this overall framework from the European Commission for managing a ‘no-deal’ outcome, the Irish Government has presented its own document setting out their analysis of a ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario which includes specific actions that will be taken in the event of a ‘no-deal’.

For the complete communication of the Contingency Action Plan from the European Commissionclick here.

For the complete communication of the Contingency Action Plan from the Irish Governmentclick here.