Dynamic Marketing

A lot has changed in the world of marketing since I first started my career back in the late 1990s! Back then, it was all about ads in the newspapers, or coming up with attention-grabbing billboard designs, or how to best merchandise stores – and let’s not forget the constant demands from the sales teams for branded “goodies” to give to customers! It’s been very exciting to watch the industry grow and evolve over the last 20+ years, expanding in so many different directions – not only digitally, but also across the world of technology as automation becomes more and more ingrained in marketing strategies.

Despite all the advancements, however, I firmly believe that there remains a single focal point at the heart of all good marketing – the customer. Understanding who they are, their buying journey, their needs, wants and challenges so that you as a business can provide them with a solution that works for them, is the foundation of a well-designed marketing plan.

I’ve worked in several high-growth start-ups such as Esat Telecom and Digicel where guerrilla marketing was the order of the day! I’ve also held senior management roles in Fortune 500s (Dell and JP Morgan) where, although a more conservative approach was called for, the demands for developing robust strategies that delivered measurable results were no less essential. I’ve licked envelopes, packed “goodie bags” and hoovered carpets before an event! I’ve sat at the Board table, hosted enterprise-sized clients at strategic luncheons, and presented to a wide audience…. and now, I help SME business owners grow their businesses with better marketing.

So, how do I do this?

I have developed a Marketing Framework that provides my clients with a clear overview of how I work and what they can expect from me.  I start by working with the business owner to really get under the bonnet of their business – to understand their vision, to review the market landscape, to agree what success looks like for them. Once identified, I then leverage my experience to create a marketing plan that will help the business achieve their overall goals and objectives.

Unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet” when it comes to marketing – and most certainly, one-size does not fit all. However tempting it may be to jump straight into running campaigns, my experience has shown time and time again, that without the correct foundations in place, businesses may not achieve the results they are looking for.

With marketing now covering so many activities from brand positioning, to promoting business owners as thought leaders in their specific areas through a robust content strategy, to delivering successful lead generation and retention campaigns, it’s no wonder that so many business owners I speak to simply don’t know where to begin.

That’s where I come in! As an outsourced Head of Marketing, I work with businesses owners and their leadership team to provide a roadmap to growth; can work with in-house teams to conduct deep-dive audits of current marketing initiatives and make recommendations to evolve, adapt and optimise them; and I can work on a project-by-project basis as needed.

I am commercially focused and results driven and have the evidence to prove it!

So, if you’re interested in chatting some more about how I can help you grow your business, connect with me today – I’d love to hear from you


Lissa McPhillips

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Dynamic Marketing