Chambers Ireland calls for a delay to Brexit and a long extension of talks

Chambers Ireland today (29 March 2019) calls for a delay to Brexit and a long extension of talks, following this afternoon’s defeat of the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons.

Speaking this afternoon Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot said;

“Despite the efforts made over the past week by all parties to forge an acceptable compromise agreement, businesses now find themselves in an even more precarious position, where the UK’s departure without any deal is still a real possibility.

This afternoon’s defeat, and the fact that there is no clear and credible strategy for next steps, only contributes to massive uncertainty. The apparent political assumption that businesses can continue to operate, protect jobs and invest when faced with such challenges, cannot be tolerated.

We now call on the UK Government to put a multi-year extension in place as a matter of urgency and remove the threat of a no-deal exit. It’s time to end the brinkmanship and put the economy, and the needs of the business community ahead of the political dealing. Brexit can wait for another day.”