Chambers Ireland Welcomes Political Support for Deal to Restore Stormont

Chambers Ireland this evening (10 January 2020) welcomes news that there is support for the deal to restore Stormont’s political institutions.

Speaking this evening, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot said,

“The absence of power-sharing in Northern Ireland for nearly three years has been keenly felt on both sides of the border and so we welcome this evening’s development.

Many issues will require the attention of the Stormont Assembly in the coming weeks and months, not least of all, Brexit and the impact it will have on the business community across the island.

Over the past two decades the all-island economy has flourished through cross-border co-operation. This co-operation is now more important than ever.

With the restoration of Stormont, we also hope to see the return of regular meetings of the North-South Ministerial Council in the near future.

Brexit is not the only challenge facing our economy. There must be more strategic collaboration between our Government and that of Northern Ireland on issues such as investment in infrastructure, transport, decarbonisation and tourism. In particular, we would like to see closer alignment between our own National Development Plan and Planning Framework with regional development plans in Northern Ireland.”