Changing Lanes & Copywriting by Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes & Copywriting by Changing Lanes

Starting off

Changing Lanes started out as a simple motoring blog back in 2014. I was a recent Journalism graduate, and I was excited about the possibilities of digital for an emerging writer like myself.

At the time, there were few graduate journalism jobs. I applied for an internship in Communications at Nova UCD, a hub for high-tech start-ups. It lighted a spark in me for entrepreneurship.

I returned to Wexford and began freelancing as a copywriter for local businesses who needed copy for websites to help tell their story and communicate the value of their products and services. The interview and storytelling skills I had learnt while studying Journalism had prepared me well for this new role in the business world.

Gaining traction

In my spare time, I was blogging with Changing Lanes and making contacts in the Irish motor industry. Soon I was being invited to car launch events and offered cars to review for my blog.

At first, Changing Lanes was just a place where I could share this passion I had for cars, one that had been with me since childhood. However, it quickly became a training ground for me to learn everything I needed to know about creating engaging content, writing for the web, and optimising content to help it perform better in search engines.


It was always my ambition to add a services arm to Changing Lanes. In 2020, the time was finally right. Just as the pandemic was taking hold, I applied for mentoring with Wexford LEO. With the support of my mentor, I launched my new spin-off business Copywriting by Changing Lanes.

My approach to copywriting for business is efficient, creative, and strategic, focused on helping clients achieve business goals. I bring another level of professionalism to how you present your business and brand to the world, helping you stand out in your industry and connect with customers with content that really speaks for who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

From creating new brand messaging, optimised web copy and product descriptions, to performing interviews and writing blogs and articles, I tackle every project with fresh thinking and enthusiasm.

Adding value

I have been lucky to work with clients across sectors like hospitality, tourism, wellness, retail, education, construction, technology, business, finance, and professional services. Through my Wexford Chamber membership, I have also built some wonderful working relationships with talented web designers and creative professionals. Together we create websites where the design and content can truly sing together!

Changing Lanes is also developing as a business, helping connect advertisers in the motoring space with an audience of consumers and motorists through opportunities for display advertising and sponsored content.

Starting a business and becoming self-employed has often felt for me like the road less travelled. There have been ups and downs and many bumps in the road! But it’s a road I would still choose to take again and again.

Caroline Kidd

Founder & Editor of Changing Lanes, Copywriter, Journalist & Author