Chevron Training & Recruitment Opens Ireland’s First Skills Store


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Chevron Training & Recruitment is an innovative and accessible employment services provider for jobseekers. Specialising in the provision of online, employment focused training programmes, Chevron Training & Recruitment offers a suite of more than 500 courses, across a broad spectrum of sectors.  

In understanding their clients’ needs, Chevron has recently incorporated a recruitment division into the company’s core service offering. Interestingly, the company is taking a unique approach to recruitment by matching jobseekers to employers through the provision of grant aid. Chevron provides a service to employers whereby they will identify suitable sources of employment grant aid to meet their specific recruitment requirements.

The company’s Managing Director, Mr. Karl Fitzpatrick, explained that, “From speaking to hundreds of employers across the South East over the past twelve months, they have a need to recruit, but the associated salary costs prohibit many employers from proceeding. However, by securing up to 50% grant aid for employers, this burden will be alleviated, thus enabling employers to engage in the recruitment process”.

Last month, Chevron Training & Recruitment added a retail division to the company. Whilst, training and recruitment companies have traditionally been located in industrial estates and office blocks, the future of the industry will be defined by accessibility and ultimately this will be achieved by having a presence on the high street.

This Skills Store, located on Anne Street in Wexford town, is opposite the most utilised Social Welfare Office in the county, the region’s largest Credit Union and adjacent to Wexford’s busiest Post Office, ensuring that training and recruitment services have never been more accessible for jobseekers. The premises has been designed to provide a welcoming environment for jobseekers, which is indicative of the assistance and support which will be provided to them by the company.

The Skills Store provides jobseekers with access to a highly experienced training consultant who will assist them in selecting the most appropriate training programme for their employment needs. Furthermore, the presence of an in-house recruitment specialist will provide them with the necessary information to make an informed decision on their prospective career and in the development of a Personal Action Plan.

For more information Lo-Call 1890 252 647.