Connect Ireland – Reaching Out To Companies All Over The World

ConnectIreland is a new Government backed initiative which is reaching out to companies all over the world.

 You can play a part.

They are looking for introductions to people in companies that are considering expansion to Europe.

If you know of someone like that, let them know. They will explain the benefits of setting up in Ireland.

If the company then locates here, creating Irish jobs, you will receive a reward of up to €150,000.

1,000 jobs have already been announced for the Country, through companies directly connected through ConnectIreland.

Please send this to all of your friends and family, clubs, groups and associations and ask them to spread the word.

Reach out.

Think seriously about who you know. Reach out to your family, friends and business contacts around the world. Find a connection in a company that’s growing internationally and introduce them to ConnectIreland. If that company establishes in Ireland and creates jobs here, you will receive a significant financial reward. The reward can be for your personal use or donated to your chosen charity. ConnectIreland is for everybody. Register now.

Spread the word

Tell everybody you know about ConnectIreland. Talk to your aunt in America, your cousin in Asia, your neighbour’s friend or your five-a-side teammates…remember everybody has connections. They just need to know what to look for. Please help us tell the world about ConnectIreland. Spread the word..

Register now, or text CONNECT to 53131.