County Wexford Chamber calls for greater Gender Equality measures ahead of International Women’s Day

Ahead of International Women’s Day, County Wexford Chamber calls on the next Government to significantly improve labour participation and work with business in transforming our workplaces, making them more flexible and inclusive. In particular, County Wexford Chamber calls for action on reducing the gender gaps in employment, pay and pensions

Speaking this morning (6 March 2020), Chambers Ireland President Siobhan Kinsella says,

“The best way for Ireland to remain competitive and sustainable as an economy is through the empowerment of all of the talent and skills at our disposal. Central to this, we need to see more action to support those who want to be part of the workplace.

The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office reveal that female labour force participation is still significantly lower at 56.6%, compared to 69% for men. Although this figure has somewhat improved in the last number of years, labour participation for women in Ireland is still well below the EU average.

While the focus of the last Government fixed primarily on using gender-pay gap reporting, we need to see the next Government go much further to address the structural obstacles to greater workplace participation for women.

We’re calling for increased investment in affordable, quality childcare, the provision of shared parental leave and the introduction of a national strategy to supports business to offer more flexible working.

A framework that supports employment to be more flexible and inclusive will ensure that the workplace of the 21st century is family, age and disability friendly. Through this, the number of people at work will not only increase, but productivity, well-being and economic outcomes will also improve, leaving society to reap the benefits.

Economic outcomes for women have improved dramatically in recent decades but work remains. We in County Wexford Chamber want to work with legislators to ensure that we eradicate these gaps and make Wexford a better place for women and a better place for business.”