County Wexford Chamber Pre-Budget Submission 2022

County Wexford Chamber has made its recommendations ahead of Budget 2022 and asks for your feedback on same to highlight the areas where we see government action required over the next 12-18 months. In particular, the supports for vulnerable businesses will be critical in the coming months and we have called for their withdrawal to be gradual to avoid the risk of a wave of insolvencies hitting our economy.

Central to the County Wexford Chambers submission is the call for Budget 2022 to support urban recovery and tackle vacancy. Specifically, County Wexford Chamber calls for the expansion of the Town Centre First Initiative, incentives to enable brownfield development and the introduction of a National Urban Strategy to radically address vacancy in our urban communities. We put ‘place’ at the heart of how we engage with our local economy and how we serve the interests of our member businesses. The ambition for more sustainable towns, with thriving urban centres, is therefore a central priority of our work. It is with this vision in mind that we want Budget 2022 to be place-orientated, putting sustainable local economies at the heart of Government policy.

Our recommendations are divided across three core themes.


Theme 1: A Strategy for Towns and Cities/Urban Ireland


  • Funding for Town Centre First Initiative

  • Reduce vacancies

  • Support urbanism

  • Support efficiency in construction costs

  • Deliver effective housing policy


Theme 2: Delivering on Climate Action and Sustainable Infrastructure


Theme 3: Inclusive and Productive Local Economies


To access County Wexford Chamber Pre Budget Submission 2022: Click Here