A Kilkenny software business, MindaClient, today, has launched ‘Rebuild’, a CRM-Plus (Customer Relationship Management) platform for the post-Covid business environment. ‘Rebuild’ enables tailored management of sales, customer service, and most significantly, staff-time-management, all on one convenient digital platform.


Covid-19 has changed the needs of businesses, with remote working now the norm. Brian Kelly, Founder and Managing Director of MindaClient, was quick to identify that the CRM needs of clients will substantially change in the post Covid remote working world. Coupled with his personal experience of the new challenges of running a business during the lockdown, he developed ‘Rebuild’ to provide the solution.


Brian Kelly Founder and Managing Director of MindaClient explains,


“Clients were asking for a tool to effectively manage their staff who were now working remotely. Businesses needed to allocate work and check the progress of their teams and also continue to focus on sales, even though their sales teams and sales management could not meet face to face as frequently.”


The ability to manage staff, allocate work and check progress in real-time is a distinguishing feature of the ‘Rebuild’ platform in addition to the unique aspects of ‘MindaClient’ which offers over 100 customisable elements to its users. This ensures that each business gets its own tailored system that perfectly addresses its requirements. Training and support is included upfront. ‘Rebuild’ facilitates excellent customer care as everyone in the company can see the latest client information, as it happens.


Brian observed,  “While I was working from home I saw my needs, and the needs of clients change substantially, so we set to work on ‘Rebuild’. There will be much less face-to-face time between management and staff. Work will be assigned remotely. This will have implications for the sales pipeline and new methods are necessary to ensure the needs of clients are met….’Rebuild’ makes this possible all from one secure platform. You could think of it as a CRM system PLUS, with a substantial new focus on staff management.”


Rebuild is an easy to use package that will let businesses allocate tasks and monitor work.

The ‘Rebuild’ platform will help businesses rebuild by focussing on staff, clients and sales.


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