Flag Lane Marketing wins Best SME Marketing Agency in Leinster

A BAGENASLTOWN marketing company cites passion as the key component that sets it apart from the competition, as it celebrates a regional marketing award.

Flag Lane Marketing was this week awarded the Best SME Marketing Agency in Leinster, as part of Irish Enterprise Awards 2022 organised by EU Business news.

“We fought off stiff competition from around Leinster and we are proud to be named as the Best SME Marketing Agency in Leinster. It is a fantastic recognition of our dedication to our partnering clients and the great results we have achieved together with them,” said Lynda Bolder, owner of Flag Lane Marketing.

“We are in business four years this week and in those four years we struggled for the first two. All businesses have a staring point, but one thing will always bring you to the top and that is passion, passion for what you are doing and the fact you want to tell the world about it,” she says.

“Businesses who don’t come forward with their passion are doing themselves a disservice; your business deserves you talking about it. In fact, without it, you’re only half as strong,” said Lynda.

Lynda describes how customers are right at the core of what Flag Lane Marketing do.

“We love our customers, we bend over backwards for them, we help them increase their sales and to be frank our job is to make the phone ring, get eye balls on their newspaper ads and get traffic to the websites.

We have a customer centricity program, where we teach our clients to have best in class customer journeys. Here they have light bulb moments and realise that it’s all about “the” feelings! They make the connection. Once that happens, they never go back and start to grow their businesses from the inside out,” she says.

Lynda says she is a firm believer in the fact that it takes a village to raise a business and that small growing businesses are the backbone of rural Ireland.

“Not only do the business owner and their families prosper but the entire community wins too. Small growing businesses hire local people, donate to local charities and they work together to build resilient and thriving communities,” concluded Lynda.

The Carlow Nationalist