Graphedia – A tailor fit experience from a team of dynamic in-house developers

Graphedia 22 Superlative Years

 We offer High impact creative designs for websites, apps, videos and branding designed to magnetise leads into raving customers. We are a leading provider of stunning creative design assets across Ireland, and the preferred and trusted creative partner of brands from Wexford, Kildare, Dublin, and more.

When creativity does not work for you… let the experts take it to a whole new level. We’ll create a website for you from start to finish that gets your potential customers excited.

Create a memorable brand experience, build credibility, and increase conversion rates with a powerful website from an award-winning design agency.

At Graphedia, we don’t just design for brands. We AMPLIFY them and we have been for 22 years… and counting!

Using our expertise in design and custom coding, we will help amplify your brand with superlative design assets delivered to you when you need them.  We build websites that your customers will love.           

Set up in 2000 by Niall & Sarah Reck

Graphedia understands every brand has specific needs.

And we are here to provide you with a customised design solution aligned with your brand goals. From HTML 5 to Java, web apps to WordPress, our team of in-house developers will deliver five star creativity and will bring your winning ideas to life.

Fresh and effective ideas brought to life swiftly through experience, innovation, and creativity. Our goal is to give you that competitive edge and stand out, so you can scale your business with professionally crafted creative design assets.

At Graphedia, we seek to understand your brand first.

This allows our team of experienced developers to provide you with intuitive, creative designs that align well with your goals and values. We want them to reflect your business culture and identity, so you can achieve maximum potential for growth.

So if you are ready to kick-start your growth, let Graphedia handle all the pressing design challenges. We

will empower your brand with custom designs delivered by expert developers whose goal is to exceed your expectations.

Let customers and leads know you are legit, trustworthy, and professional. Focus more of your time on what you do best because we will handle the design work for you.

Our secret is our relentless focus on customer service. Your business is an extension of our business – and we treat it this way. Our testimonials provide evidence that serving our customer well is at the heart of what we do.

We are pleased to announce Graphedia have been awarded EcoMerit Green Certification this year. We have been working with EcoMerit to create a bespoke environmental improvement plan for our business and develop our green credentials.