Harte Outdoor Lighting

Harte Outdoor Lighting is a family run business based in New Ross and they have been designing and manufacturing high-quality cast-iron lighting and products since 1983. Recently, Harte Outdoor Lighting entered the Eurozone Programme, which aims to open Europe’s doors to ambitious Irish exporters.


“We’re delighted to have completed the Enter the Eurozone Programme over the last number of months, the programme is run by Enterprise Ireland with support from ESMT Berlin and IMSMarketing”.


“The programme gave us invaluable training and practical advice in both strategy and business development while facilitating a new market entry plan into Europe. I’d highly recommend the ETE for anyone with a business who is looking at expanding their current reach and/or customer base. We’re excited to get the ball rolling with the team in Enterprise Ireland France”.


One of Harte Outdoor Lighting’s most recent projects includes a Light Refreshment at Faithlegg Hotel.


“One of the outdoor projects we’ve been involved with has been the restoration and upgrade of their outdoor lighting scattered across the beautifully landscaped grounds. They were originally bought from us almost 20 years ago”!


“Our experienced craftsmen carefully and meticulously refurbished each Traditional lantern. The original glass was removed and replaced with a new polycarbonate lens while the lantern frame was hand polished and resprayed back to its former glory. In line with their commitment to sustainability, the team at Faithlegg requested the installation of the latest energy efficient LED bulbs too”.


“Being made from cast iron and steel in New Ross means the lights enjoy great longevity while only requiring a little TLC every 15 years or so. We’re all looking forward to experiencing the great hospitality Ireland has to offer again, make sure you add Faithlegg Hotel to your staycation list for 2021”.


You can visit their website Here.




                                     Light Refreshment at Faithlegg Hotel