In 2015 Chambers Ireland launched the Business and Commercial Mediation Scheme

Chambers Ireland Launch

The initiative was developed by a cross section of bodies (Chambers Ireland, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Law Society, the Bar Council of Ireland and the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland) with the objective of promoting awareness of mediation as a cost and resource efficient way for businesses to resolve commercial disputes. The Scheme is also supported by the Courts Service of Ireland.

Chambers Ireland believes that the increased use of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, like mediation, will make Irish businesses more efficient and competitive and have called for Government to do more to support the use of mediation to resolves commercial disputes.

Resources for Business

  • To complement the Business and Commercial Mediation Scheme, we have put together a Fact Sheet for businesses the benefits of mediation and the steps companies can take to ensure that potential disputes can be resolved efficiently.
  • I also have attached our brochure which includes more information on the Business and Commercial Mediation Scheme.
  • As part of a range of resources on our website to educate and inform businesses about the benefits of mediation, including a video produced by the Irish Commercial Mediators Association called “Talk is Cheap”, which illustrates how commercial mediation can be a more effective and efficient way to resolves business related disputes.

Mediation Briefings

Our partners in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland and the Law Society have agreed to make themselves available to give free briefings to your Chamber members on how mediation can help their business.

If your Chamber is interested in hosting such a briefing (as an independent event or as part of a broader event) please contact for more information.