Information Evening for Local Stakeholders as plans progress for gas works in Wexford Town

Gas NetworksDetails of the next phase of the €16.5 million infrastructure project to bring gas to Wexford town were presented to local stakeholders and business owners at an information evening in Wexford hosted by Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water on Thursday 21st July.


With work now complete on extending the gas network from Campile, Great Island to the Ring Road on the outskirts of Wexford town, this latest phase of the project will see approximately 13km of gas pipelines laid around the town along with the replacement of 1km of water main on Newtown Road. A number of site investigations will also be undertaken to determine the replacement of further water mains as part of the next phase of work.


Members of the Wexford Chamber, local businesses and councillors attended the information evening and had the opportunity to meet directly with members of the project team responsible for delivering this major infrastructure project to Wexford Town.


Speaking at the information evening, Senior Construction Engineer Andrew Doyle said: “We are committed to working closely with local authority personnel, politicians, businesses and local residents as we progress this gas and water multi-utility project for Wexford town. We have had a good engagement with stakeholders to date and will continue to meet with more people over the coming weeks. We look forward to starting work in Wexford Town, but are also very mindful of the disruption that will occur as a result of these works. Our aim will be to work closely and collaboratively with our stakeholders in order to minimise disruptions and to address any issues in a proactive manner.”


Welcoming progress on the project in Wexford Town, Madeleine Quirke, Wexford Chamber, said: “We are absolutely delighted that natural gas can now be offered as a unique selling point when we are promoting Wexford as a place in which to do business.  The benefits to those businesses who can use gas to fuel their operation is already paying dividends and as the network expands I am confident that both business and domestic users will grow exponentially.”


Gas Networks Ireland has started the process of connecting up a number of new natural gas customers, including large users around Wexford, to the network.  There will be opportunities for local businesses and residents to connect to the network once work has been complete in Wexford town. Natural Gas offers significant advantages over other fuel sources in terms of both cost and environmental impact. Its flexibility is particularly popular with industrial users.


Fran McFadden, Commercial Sales Manager with Gas Networks Ireland said: “We are delighted to be progressing to the next stage of this strategic investment in Wexford.  The level of response to date from local businesses and stakeholders tells us that there will be a very strong demand for natural gas in and around Wexford town.  Businesses making the switch can look forward to fuel cost savings of anywhere between 30% and 60% on their current fuel bills, together with reduced carbon emissions, no storage requirement and a constant, reliable supply of natural gas.”


The investment in this project by Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water will provide a major boost to Wexford’s economy that will continue throughout 2017.  From business and industry to farm and residential, natural gas can be used for a wide range of applications, from heating and hot water, to catering and cooking, to air-conditioning and electricity generation (combined heat and power).

Full details of planned works in Wexford town will be published shortly. For further information contact 1850 200 694. Business customers may call our dedicated Businesslink service on 1850 411 511.