Investment is Needed to Address Competitiveness and Cost of Living

Chambers Ireland  called for Budget 2018 to invest in social and economic infrastructure projects that will help address the cost of doing business and the cost of living in Ireland.

Outlining the key measures from the Chambers Ireland Pre-Budget Submission, Wexford Chamber Chief Executive Officer, Madeleine Quirke, said, “Budget 2018 is an opportunity for Government to invest and we welcome recent indications of intentions to increase capital spending. We call on Government to increase capital investment to 4% of GDP and to focus investment on infrastructure projects that can help to address competitiveness challenges in the economy and improve the cost of doing business.”

“Ireland currently has the second slowest broadband speeds in Europe. Significant investment and timely roll out of the National Broadband Plan is needed to protect the competitiveness of Irish business and to provide for a well-functioning, modern business environment across Ireland.”

“Cost of living increases also threaten to undermine competitiveness and impact on business. The current under supply of housing and high housing costs are challenges that the Government must address in Budget 2018 through investment and through encouraging development on vacant sites across the country.  We also call on Government to build on existing measures and to further increase investment in childcare provision to deliver more affordable, high quality childcare for all parents.”


“Through investment in the economic infrastructure which businesses need to grow and the social infrastructure needed to address cost of living and quality of life challenges, Budget 2018 must make a significant impact on our capacity for future growth and economic wellbeing.”