Official Opening 2022 Kennedy Summer School

The Kennedy Summer School is delighted that the US Ambassador Claire Cronin has kindly accepted our invitation to officially open the 2022 Kennedy Summer School programme. This will be followed by a public interview with Eileen Dunne.


President Joseph R. Biden, Jr: nominated Claire D. Cronin to be United States Ambassador to Ireland on June 23, 2021. Prior to her appointment, Ambassador Cronin served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and was the first woman to serve as House Majority Leaden During her service as a legislator; Ms- Cronin was also Chair of the Committee on the Judiciary; where she was the architect of significant pieces of legislation, including major criminal justice and police reform.

Ambassador Cronin dedicated much of her legislative career to advocating for increased education funding & worked extensively on improving access to mental health and substance abuse services, increasing protections and services for victims of domestic violence, and advancing civil rights-

Public service is a core value for Ambassador Cronin, as well as a cornerstone of her family’s history. Cronin’s great uncle served as the first blind legislator in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Her uncle, C. Gerald Lucey serVice in the House of Massachusetts House of Representatives after he returned from military service in Europe during World War IL He later served as Mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts.